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Transport Transport across Europe

We deal with transport of large loads for production plants and companies, offering not only safe delivery of cargo in Poland or Europe, but also the performance of a group of formalities and necessary customs procedures. We own cars of different cubature and capacity: up to 24 tons with the possibility of a one-time load of up to 38 europallets. Thanks to the GPS system present in all our cars, you can follow the stages of your cargo’s route. We guarantee a fast and professional service at competitive prices.

Relocations Relocations across Europe

Changing your place of residence or office can undoubtedly put your daily schedule out of order. ComfortMove implements private relocations from houses and homes as well as businesses and entire commercial facilities. We perform assignments all over Europe, performing relocations which are close and far: for example to another country. We make sure that furniture, clothing and documents are secured for transportation and delivered to a new location. Transportation services are insured and our employees take good care of the entrusted property.

Full packaging Safe conveyance

Every one of us is well-acquainted with the situation when it’s hard to mobilize ourselves to do unpleasant things. Packing certainly belongs to those things. Our employees pack the entrusted items in bubble foil and cardboard boxes. The following products are particularly secured: antiques, books, furniture, mirrors, computers or other equipment. By choosing our offer, you can be sure that you will not be left alone with your problem.

Storage Safe storage

We offer the possibility of storing items in specially prepared storage boxes. Items are carefully secured in protective materials and placed in dedicated rooms, away from moisture and cold. This solution is appreciated by owners of small flats or people for whom moving is taking longer than planned for various reasons.