we have big Experience

A wide fleet, a motivated team of efficient employees, as well as knowledge of international transport regulations are a guarantee of reliable execution of every order we undertake. In almost 5 years of our business, we have delivered hundreds of transport orders around almost the entire Europe. Knowing, however, that experience is based on trust, we provide all customers with insurance for carried and transported goods.

The cars we drive in Europe are equipped with hydraulic elevators, as well as fastening belts and pallet trucks. Our fleet consists of several dozens of vehicles with a lifting capacity of 3.4 to 24 tons. In addition to palletized goods, we also transport individual furniture (including piano, pianoforte and antique transport). Our staff is experienced in the care and handling of items requiring special precautions as well as appropriate strength and approach.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a small or big relocation, each one means a change of life, and sometimes even a revolution. Is it a new home or a new office location? Working with ComfortMove, you can be sure that we will use 100% of our possibilities into your order. There is no such thing as a special task for us – each order is treated this way.

We carry out removals
across Poland and whole Europe

Essential equipment we operate with:

  • four cars adapted for furniture carriage,
  • full range of transport trolleys (in special cases we offer untypical size trolleys)
  • hoists and winches,
  • belts for carrying heavy objects,
  • proffesional mounting and dismounting equipement.

For packaging we use, e.g.:

  • boxes of different sizes,
  • hanging clothes boxes,
  • boxes and containers  prepared to transport computer equipement and TV sets,
  • wooden boxes of different sizes,
  • Protective and wrapping materials: blankets, bubble foil, stretch foil, paper, styrofoam, corrugated cardboard and others.

Our customers are: 

  • private persons
  • companies
  • shops
  • public institutions